Massively Brings Conversational Marketing to the Next Level With the Launch of MAT by Massively

Massively is thrilled to announce the launch of the newest product built off Massively’s patented Conversational Marketing platform – MAT by Massively, which aims to empower businesses to build and instantly deploy custom AI Chatbot solutions without coding.

The new product launches with a bot-development toolkit open to all users, including those with no programming experience. “Since 2014, we have continuously broken new ground enabling businesses to have meaningful conversations with their customers,” said Russell Ward, CEO of Massively. “Messaging is now an essential medium for meaningful personal relationships between brands and individuals. Our unmatched track record for creating polished bots uniquely positions us to empower business entering this space.”

Businesses who build chatbots using MAT by Massively can provide their customers with a conversational experience complete with powerful AI and natural language processing – the type of experience that has traditionally required large investments of time and resources to build and maintain.

MAT by Massively is an end-to-end solution that includes numerous advanced capabilities:

  • Smart Answers: No AI is “smart” about a business without information about that business. Smart Answers is a tool that allows businesses to easily ingest information about their business so the power of AI can be unleashed and enable their chatbot to answer free-text user questions.

Smart Answers also makes it easy to improve the accuracy of each chatbot, ensuring it starts smart and gets smarter over time.

  • Conversational Ads: MAT by Massively can also augment any digital ad campaign by enabling those ads with a two-way conversation. If a business is spending on digital ads, there is no reason not to make those ads conversational.

MAT by Massively automatically generates a unique code that can be embedded into any campaign creative, making what a company is already doing work harder for it by increasing engagement, generating better leads and enabling it to individualize messages.

  • Live Chat: Seamlessly hand over conversations to real people using Massively’s native live agent solution, making sure customers get to the right answer faster.
  • Templates: Templates allow businesses to quickly create a chatbot to serve a number of common use cases including customer service, lead generation, eCommerce, and others.
  • Easy Deployment: Business can deploy their chatbots to Facebook Messenger, Web and Twitter in a few easy steps using MAT by Massively. Additional channels are available to premium customers.

For more advanced users, MAT by Massively allows businesses to integrate external data sources that can deliver dynamic, customized, up-to-date answers on topics such as inventory availability or order status, as well as store preferences and response data for enhanced conversations.