Marketplace Strategy Partners With Downstream Impact To Bolster Its Proprietary Technology Offering

Marketplace Strategy

Marketplace Strategy announces partnership to bolster its proprietary technology, MPS Insights, powered by Downstream

Marketplace Strategy, an official Amazon Advertising partner, announces its proprietary technology, MPS Insights, now includes Downstream technology. Downstream Impact, a member of the Amazon Marketplace Developer Council, partnered with MPS in 2020. Since then, MPS has worked with Downstream to fine-tune the data, insights and automation available to its clients. Now, with the support of Downstream’s capabilities, MPS Insights exclusively services clients with best-in-class technology.

Downstream was recently acquired by Jungle Scout, the leading all-in-one platform for selling on Amazon. This acquisition further bolsters the partnership by joining Downstream’s robust advertising optimization and reporting capabilities with Jungle Scout’s proprietary market data and intelligence.

“There’s a considerable amount of technology available to digital marketers today. And, with that, there is a natural temptation to over-automate efforts,” Greg Wolny, Executive Vice President at Marketplace Strategy, said, “However, when technology is relied upon too heavily, performance suffers. The idea of working passively with fewer resources is attractive. But it’s a dangerous misconception that technology can be a one-size-fits-all solution. MPS takes a conscious approach to how we leverage technology. An appropriate balance of technology and human intelligence has been key to the services we provide at Marketplace Strategy. Combining these strengths allows MPS to create strong, data-backed strategies.”

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MPS Insights is a complete technology suite developed to enhance the MPS team’s ongoing and hands-on efforts. It allows strategists to execute with greater efficiency and drive optimum results for clients. MPS Insights supports the agency’s marketplace sales acceleration program in three core areas; reporting and analytics, advertising management and automation, and catalog health monitoring and insights.