MARKETN to Enhance Clients’ Digital Marketing Services With HubSpot CMS


The talented MARKETN team is ready to go beyond clients’ expectations and rapidly scale business growth with its preferred HubSpot Content Management System.

MARKETN, a highly successful New York-based digital marketing agency, has chosen HubSpot CMS as its choice of website management to support its end-to-end marketing services.

HubSpot CMS consists of a number of tools that work together under one umbrella and offers everything from helping to increase website traffic, convert website visitors into leads, and create a fully professional sales funnel.

MARKETN will operate according to a client’s needs, budget, and timeframe, ensuring that they cut through the digital ‘white noise’ to capture a broader online audience.

“We can handle all the digital assets over HubSpot and build on those foundations the brands that clients deserve,” commented MARKETN’s founder Zafar Ahmed.

“Equally important, is that through HubSpot, we can build, attract, and engage with targeted audiences.” HubSpot is a powerful sales, marketing, and customer service solution backed up with critical CRM tools.

The rollout of MARKETN’s latest customer-centric solution will complement the agency’s full repertoire of digital, marketing, branding, business development, campaign design, and demand generation services.

“We help brands deliver their most critical marketing and sales programs,” added Mr. Ahmed.

“Our capabilities empower businesses to maximize every moment of awareness they generate with their customers.”

So, the expansion with its HubSpot CMS capabilities will enable it to extend digital reach for clients.

The development comes on the heels of MARKETN’s newly created podcast solutions, a must-have suite of services for smart entrepreneurs and influencers who want to reach out to a global audience. is the most innovative yet easy-to-use suite of editing services that are helping to leverage influence and position businesses towards a new landscape of listeners in their chosen niche.

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