MarketForce Inc. Signs Agreement to Become Exclusive European Reseller of LeadsRx Attribution Platform


MarketForce Inc., a global digital marketing agency focused on ecommerce, and LeadsRx, a global marketing attribution company, have officially entered into a relationship to expand attribution services in Europe. With this new partnership MarketForce will be the exclusive vendor to offer LeadsRx multi-touch attribution to organizations across Europe.

The LeadsRx attribution platform combined with MarketForce’s marketing expertise enables brands to elevate marketing performance with the insights, technology and confidence needed to deepen customer relationships and drive better returns. By examining impartial and transparent attribution data, brands can adjust and adapt their mix of marketing activities having full confidence that they have a complete, unified view of their customers’ buying journeys.

“Global marketing tactics are currently facing a major disruption, not only due to world health issues, but also in response to changing consumer behaviors,” said AJ Brown, CEO and co-founder of LeadsRx. “Consumers’ path to purchase will continue to be under a constant state of change, making marketing attribution a necessity to quickly adapt ad spend to the mediums, creatives, and approaches most likely to convert.”

The EU’s digital landscape has evolved significantly over the last two years and will continue to experience ongoing change as a direct result of current global events. The LeadsRx platform allows organizations to collect data in compliance with EU standards and practices, across all channels both on and off-line. LeadsRx then uses advanced attribution techniques to help increase top-line revenue and reduce wasted marketing dollars, ultimately maximizing ROI.

MarketForce will be providing setup and implementation services to help stand up the LeadsRx platform as well as provide additional backend data analytics, reporting, and analysis services. These attribution services coupled with the LeadsRx platform are a natural fit and extension of the data-driven, performance-focused marketing strategy that MarketForce has established over its 15-year history.

“We believe LeadsRx provides best in class marketing attribution technology and we are excited to be delivering a complete solution to the European market,” said Jeff Dahlby, President of MarketForce. “By offering a tailored solution of analytic insights, advertising services, and the LeadsRx platform, MarketForce will continue its leadership in helping global businesses improve their business through disciplined marketing.”

MarketForce has played a pivotal role in the evolution of performance marketing in addition to offering brands the metrics to define success. As organizations are tasked with making difficult decisions around marketing budgets and media investment, this partnership will make those decisions much easier by providing an easy to use, impartial, best-of-class attribution solution.