Marfeel Announces AdDealer Technology that Optimizes Mobile Ad Placement For Maximum ROI Impact

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Marfeel Announces AdDealer Technology that Optimizes Mobile Ad Placement For Maximum ROI Impact

Marfeel, the publisher platform that optimizes the traffic, engagement, and monetization of publishers’ mobile websites, announced their advertising technology named AdDealer that optimizes mobile ad placement for maximum ROI impact. AdDealer uses an algorithm to place ads in the right location, at the right time, measuring frequency, proximity and the level of aggression of each ad impression to increase publisher revenue.

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The Better Ads Standards recommends that the ad density or the ratio of ads to content on a mobile page not exceed 30%. If there are too many ads, publishers risk them being blocked at the browser level and it can be detrimental to the website’s user experience. Typically, publishers can’t measure each article to maintain that balance; therefore, Marfeel developed technology that automates the exact ad density of each article by the pixel so that publishers maintain 30% ad content, at all times. The technology enables publishers to achieve a balance that maximizes revenue while ensuring an unintrusive advertising experience.

Typically, most ad strategies follow the same rules for all content, Marfeel’s AdDealer steers away from that approach, maximizing the full potential of each page by tailoring the ad for particular content. For years publishers feared that ad blocking would decrease their revenue stream; however since the industry has improved the overall mobile ad experience those fears have not been realized. The Association of Online Publishers notes that ad blocking rates are at 8% to 2.4%, in order to keep those numbers low it is important to implement strategic ad placement.

“Marfeel’s AdDealer has helped the Phoblographer thrive and grow in a time when niche publications need it. Most mobile visitors don’t want to pay for content behind a paywall, and mobile platforms usually don’t lend themselves well to this anyway without building an app. But combined with effective navigation of the Phoblographer’s website, Marfeel AdDealer is critical to ensure that we can pay our journalists an ethical wage,” says Chris Gampat, Editor in Chief at U.S. based photography blog

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“The combination of placing ads in the right location and maintaining the perfect balance of ad density, optimizes each page to generate higher revenue from each user,” says Alexian Chiavegato, CMO of Marfeel. “Marfeel ensures that every ad is viewable, relevant and does not disrupt the viewer, providing users with a positive experience and publishers with higher ROI.”

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