Marena Cosmos Streamlines Enterprise Marketing with IMPGO

Marena Cosmos Streamlines Enterprise Marketing with IMPGO

Marena Cosmos, an award-winning digital agency, simplifies enterprise marketing with its customizable integrated marketing platform IMPGO or better known as the IMP. IMPGO’s flexible, AI-powered marketing technology integrates brand, content, and digital asset management for enterprise marketing and sales automation success.

The team at Marena Cosmos led by Jack Weiss, President/CTO, Kathy Marena, Partner/Creative Director, and Scott Shushanksy, Director of Sales, saw too many agencies, enterprise companies, and global organizations struggling with multiple, disconnected marketing technologies. So, they decided to fix it with a single, automated platform that organizes and distributes digital assets, content, and brand materials.

“The key to building user-friendly marketing and sales enterprise software is understanding the creative process and the user experience with the tools used by creatives and marketing pros,” said Jack Weiss“I’m always talking about data structures and the cloud, and Kathy reminds me we are building software for real people.”

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Customizable and Built to Scale
In marketing and sales, one-size does not fit all. The team at Marena Cosmos understands this. Taking a collaborative approach, they build a customized, simple, and scalable solution that addresses an organization’s specific needs. As a business grows and needs change, the IMP allows teams to add features and integrations such as email, social media, print marketing, and digital asset management.

“Our team has seen the enormous impact IMPGO has made to our marketing and branding initiatives in so many ways. Having a platform customized to our needs that links directly with our extensive brand and marketing resources has streamlined our campaigns and creative production saving us time and money. The team at Marena Cosmos is there with us every step of the way,” said Andrea Sansotta, Marketing Director at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital.


  • Automation & Collaboration — Sales and marketing teams work together on one easy to use, integrated platform. Design, schedule, and analyze posts across social media platforms or target key accounts with email messaging that creates leads and grows sales.
  • Digital Asset Management — Store, organize, and share digital assets across teams in one office or across the globe. Custom-built cataloging and search make it easy for your team to find what they need when they need it.
  • Enterprise & Individual Reports — Keep track of Key Performance Indicators with reports. Create reports for teams and individuals across marketing channels pulling data directly from the portal.
  • Brand Management — Whether your teams are local or spread worldwide, achieve consistent branding and messaging. The brand center allows you to store, create, and edit cohesive brand content, such as custom templates, logos, marketing materials, and brand guidelines.

Marena Cosmos created IMPGO from years of building custom marketing solutions for clients across various enterprises and industries. The automated and collaborative features improve the effectiveness of enterprise marketing and eliminate layers of disconnected technologies and processes to bring teams together on one easy to use platform.