Mapistry & California Metals Coalition Announce Partnership to Drive Innovation for Members With EHS Compliance Technology

Mapistry _ California Metals Coalition Announce Partnership to Drive Innovation for Members With EHS Compliance Technology

Mapistry, the leading provider of environmental compliance software for industrial, manufacturing and transportation companies, today announced a strategic partnership with the California Metals Coalition (CMC), a statewide trade association with members representing nearly all sectors of California’s metalworking industry. This partnership provides CMC’s membership with access to Mapistry’s comprehensive digital platform to help them maximize collaboration, visibility and control over their environment, health, and safety (EHS) compliance and risk operations.

“CMC brings together some of the most progressive metalworking companies in California. We are honored to partner with them to further our commitment to helping break down environmental compliance barriers through technology and innovation,” said Allie Janoch, CEO and co-founder of Mapistry. “In recent years, the risk and complexity of managing environmental compliance have grown exponentially for metalworking facilities — this partnership extends our ability to help solve these problems using our experience and expertise in helping companies adopt technology to build more resilient and efficient compliance programs.”

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More than ever, metalworking facilities in California are struggling to keep up with the rapidly growing number and complexity of environmental requirements and regulations — especially while juggling limited time and resources. To help alleviate this challenge, Mapistry and CMC’s partnership enables member facilities to embrace digital transformation to solve their compliance problems with less time and resources. By utilizing Mapistry’s software, CMC members will be equipped with digital tools and automated workflows to streamline compliance functions that matter most to companies in the metal industry

Now, instead of grappling with paper forms and spreadsheets to manage their compliance obligations, CMC members can utilize the Mapistry app to centrally manage and track all their compliance data, documents, and plans from a powerful online dashboard and mobile app. The solution not only provides facilities with 24/7 visibility and insight into their compliance health, it also empowers teams with real-time access to field data, tasks, deadlines, and critical alerts anywhere, anytime from the convenience of their computer, smartphone or tablet. Facilities can also take advantage of the Mapistry platform to define, implement, and enforce their COVID-19 response plans, which are a critical part of the State of California’s COVID-19 re-opening requirements for industry.

“Our partnership with Mapistry couldn’t come at a better time for CMC and our members. The current pandemic has had a tremendous impact on our members’ compliance teams and capacity. Mapistry’s digital compliance solution, combined with the advanced capabilities of COVID-19 response planning will help our metalworking facilities more efficiently and effectively secure compliance,” said James Simonelli, Executive Director, California Metals Coalition. “This partnership will also provide our members with the tools needed to improve visibility into environmental compliance health, control costs, and improve operational efficiency,” he added.