ManyChat, the number one Chat Marketing platform, has partnered with Messenger from Facebook to connect the public to government health organizations and UN health agencies actively supporting COVID-19 response efforts. ManyChat is offering free Pro upgrades for the duration of the crisis and has built specific templates to help these health organizations effectively share timely and accurate information with citizens around the globe.

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This free program, designed to scale the response to the crisis, will help automate responses to commonly asked questions and speed up response times, alleviating excessive hold times with state and federal call centers. ManyChat is showing these government health organizations and UN health agencies how to share important updates with their audience effectively, and how to seamlessly transition from automated conversations to chatting with a live person when necessary.

“At ManyChat, we understand how important timely, factual information is. Especially now, more than ever, we need to be vigilant about the information we share and receive,” said Mike Yan, ManyChat CEO and Co-Founder.”If we all work together, we can combat COVID-19, which is why it was so important to participate in this initiative with Messenger.”

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“We’re grateful that ManyChat has joined our efforts to help government health organizations during this time,” said Konstantinos Papamiltiadis, VP of Platform Partnerships. “Delivering accurate information to people about COVID-19 is critical and ManyChat’s participation will help ensure these health organizations will be able to effectively reach their audiences when it’s most needed.”