Manufacturers and Distributors Now Have a Rich Product Data and Pricing Exchange Network for eCommerce

Manufacturers and Distributors Now Have a Rich Product Data and Pricing Exchange Network for eCommerce-01

Ever since technology entered the supply chain, the seamless exchange of timely, accurate and fully standardized product data between a manufacturer and their distributor customers has plagued industry. To date, the wholesale distribution industry has neither a product data standard nor any sort of common and secure data exchange network that provides data sharing between manufacturers and distributors in a universal manner. Net pricing is also a huge bottleneck with distributors and sore spot for their manufacturers. Having heard these pain points from the supply chain, Anarus, Inc. ( recognized the problem and took the opportunity to develop the solution — GrandAnar.

GrandAnar provides a direct data connection using Cloud technology between manufacturers and their select distributors; in the format distributors require and without any manual work on the distributor end. It modulates the data from manufacturers with standardized product categories and attributes before it is stored in a universal format in the Cloud. The system works seamlessly with any output. This saves manufacturers the hassle of creating personalized databases for each and every customer.

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“The data for any SKU is the same regardless of the group providing it,” stated Prashubh Batham, founder and President of Anarus, Inc. The difference is that every company names their attributes for a given SKU any way they find easy; many of which pre-date the internet. This is why there has previously been no standardization. “When the data is needed for business purposes, such as ecommerce, these inaccuracies cause big problems,” explained Batham.

Batham contends that “standardized product data and a dedicated network for the wholesale distribution industry is a must in order to give equal weight to small and medium size distributors, especially compared to their large competitors.” For example, the retail industry has a standard product data format and exchange network. Companies such as Lowe’s, Amazon, BestBuy, McDonald’s, etc., receive their product data electronically in an industry-standard format via this network from all their vendors.

The problem is even bigger in the wholesale trade where data for some of the same SKUs is being rebuilt many times over throughout the same industry for buying groups or other larger suppliers. Additionally, not all groups and distributors receive the complete product information from a vendor nor do they receive this information often enough. This can lead to gaps in product knowledge, install issues, shipping snafus, outdated elements, and net pricing, to name a few.

GrandAnar is changing the way that standardized rich product content is delivered to the people who need it most.

Anarus was founded in 2019 by Prashubh Batham who has more than 25 years of experience in B2B ecommerce for the distribution and manufacturing industries.

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