Maestra Releases Automatic Subtitle & Captioning Software Editing Tools

Maestra Releases Automatic Subtitle _ Captioning Software Editing Tools

Maestra, an automatic online subtitling and captioning software tool, recently released new features to help content creators automatically caption, subtitle, and translate their videos to over 50 foreign languages almost instantly.

Content creators can now easily embed their videos directly onto their websites in multiple languages just by clicking on an embedded link within the Maestra editor, then simply paste the link onto their website.

In addition to embedding, Maestra also offers a team collaboration tool, called Maestra Teams. Users can set team permissions to levels such as “admin,” “view only,” “edit,” and “edit and export.” This makes the editing and collaboration process easier for companies with larger teams.

Maestra works by using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to automatically caption and subtitle user-uploaded files. Users then have the option of instantly translating their captions to over 50 languages, including English, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Arabic, and many more languages, just by pressing the “translate” button on the top left of the text editor.

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To use Maestra, users upload their files to Maestra’s online platform by either dragging and dropping the file into the upload box, by selecting from their desktop computer, or directly through their Drive and Dropbox accounts, at which point their files are automatically transcribed to text.

“Our aim is to help content creators easily caption files so that their messages can be seen and heard through multiple mediums and across multiple languages,” said Maestra co-founder Ali San Kaya. “By allowing educators, companies, and content creators to caption and subtitle their files in new ways, we’re able to make content more accessible to everyone.”

“Creating a sleek and easy-to-use embeddable media player was paramount in our design process,” said Maestra co-founder Kerem Tuncer. “With our clean-cut embeddable videos, users can toggle between subtitles and captions in over 50 languages.”

The automatically captioned and translated files can easily be accessed and edited through Maestra’s platform and can be shared and exported in a variety of formats such as .srt, .vtt, .scc, .cap, .stl, and .mp4 formats, as well as thought embeddable links hosted through Maestra.

Additionally, Maestra offers a sharing feature called MaestraCloud that is available for sharing transcripts publicly or privately online in a viewable format so users don’t have to download the files then share after.

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