Madwire® Expands Marketing 360® Platform to Now Include Integrated Omni-Channel Payments for Its Small Business Customer

Madwire® Expands Marketing 360® Platform to Now Include Integrated Omni-Channel Payments for Its Small Business Customers

Madwire®, a Colorado based technology company helping small businesses grow through their fully integrated business management and marketing platform, Marketing 360®, today announced the addition of payments to its existing suite of tools, allowing small businesses to easily and securely take and manage payments while unifying payment data under one integrated platform.

Marketing 360 provides marketing and business management tools in a single platform and currently facilitates tens of millions of consumer interactions monthly for more than 20,000 businesses in the United States and Canada. By combining payments with an already robust platform, business owners can now complete the underwriting process, charge and manage customer payments, apply stored value credits, manage deposits, disputes, e-commerce API keys, and send invoices via email all from their Marketing 360 account.

Partnering with the global payments processing platform, Stripe, helps Marketing 360 stay current with the latest payments experiences for consumers and enterprise-grade infrastructure that small business owners can count on.  Stripe’s focus on developer experience and best-in-class APIs were welcomed by the Marketing 360 software development team and enabled the new payments integration to go live quickly, within just 4 months.

“Our merchants will no longer have to log into a separate payment processor’s website to manage their transactions for their e-commerce stores and online payments. By using Marketing 360 Payments, these charges are fully integrated within Marketing 360. Our goal is to provide a single view of the consumer by unifying payment data with marketing data, which helps small businesses make better decisions for consumer acquisition and retention-based marketing campaigns,” says Ryan Grokulsky, Chief Innovation Officer of Madwire.

With marketing and payments unified in a singular platform, Marketing 360® is able to provide a more targeted marketing experience for the consumer while offering payment experiences, such as digital wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay.

“We are focused on the consumer and merchant experience. By putting Madwire’s platform technology on top of Stripe’s best-in-class payments technology, we are finally able to meet the ever-changing consumer payment trends that facilitate a third of the U.S. GDP. Marketing 360 Payments works for any type of business from eCommerce to retail to service-based businesses and beyond. It’s a game-changer and we believe this new addition further positions Marketing 360 as the leading singular platform for small and medium sized businesses (“SMBs”) to grow and manage their business in the digital economy,” says JB Kellogg, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Madwire.