Lionbridge, a global leader in localization and data training services, is proud to partner with Perfect Strangers, a national non-profit providing free delivery of groceries, medications and supplies to those at risk for exposure to COVID-19.

By providing free translation services in 39 languages, Lionbridge joins Perfect Strangers’ network of thousands of supporters and volunteers across the country who are helping safely meet the delivery needs of the elderly, immunocompromised and frontline workers, no matter their native language.

“Perfect Strangers was founded on the belief that small acts of kindness during challenging times can make a meaningful impact in our communities,” said John Fennelly, CEO of Lionbridge. “Populations with limited English proficiency (LEP) are among the most vulnerable and we’ve seen how language barriers often negatively affect these communities. By providing language services, Lionbridge leverages the expertise of our global network to help Perfect Strangers expand its reach in the communities it serves.”

“We are honored to have the support of Lionbridge as we ensure equitable access to our services to English- and non-English-speaking communities across the country. Our communities have become increasingly diverse and language barriers should not preclude individuals from receiving the food and supplies needed to weather this pandemic,” said Mimi Aboubaker, founder of Perfect Strangers.