LinkedIn is planning to improve reach for matched audiences and audience network campaigns and provide better attribution with the support of the newly acquired Drawbridge, an identity resolution platform that uses AI and machine learning technology to provide marketing, customer experience, and security solutions.

The social networking giant has reportedly entered a deal to acquire Drawbridge earlier this week. The company is not releasing any financial details on the deal, and but a LinkedIn. More specific integration plans will be clearly defined once the deal closes.

With Drawbridge’s technology, LinkedIn will be in a position to boost ad engagement and ROI for marketers. Post-integration into the LinkedIn Marketing Solutions portfolio of products, Drawbridge’s technology will benefit advertisers by providing an improved reach via LinkedIn’s Matched Audiences and Audience Network campaigns, and better attribution. This will allow advertisers to measure the LinkedIn campaign results.

“Our data shows that mobile accounts for the majority of ad engagement yet most of our conversions happen on desktop. Drawbridge’s technology will help us better connect our mobile and desktop experiences,” said a LinkedIn spokesperson.

This acquisition is another in a process that LinkedIn has started to build out its advertising offerings, steadily. Last July, it overhauled its Campaign Manager platform, to give it teeth to deliver an objective-based workflow designed for high-volume campaign management. More recently, LinkedIn introduced lookalike targeting and enhanced its interest in targeting advertising features.