Liger Partners, Atlanta, to Release The First Edible NFT

Liger Partners_ Atlanta_ to Release The First Edible NFT-01

Following the lead of global food and beverage brands, Atlanta-based marketing firm Liger Partners has announced their release of the world’s first edible NFT: a tater tot.

After a year of record growth, the Liger Pride is joining the global phenomenon of non-fungible tokens, but this time, they’re making it tangible and delicious.

The brand itself is based on the cult classic film “Napoleon Dynamite,” so what better way to live up to their name than releasing Napoleon’s favorite food, a tater tot. With the movie staged in Idaho, Liger has decided to source the best locally produced potatoes from Boise to create their signature tater tot, making the experience as authentic as possible.

“I really want this to be an absolutely unique and delicious tater tot,” says Eric Holtzclaw, founding partner. “We are a marketing firm at heart, but we are potato heads in our stomach.”

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Set to release on April 1st, Liger Partners anticipates bidding to start at nearly $10,000, with a global interest already being expressed. “To ensure quality, we’ve partnered with some of the best local brands so that the winner gets to enjoy their tater tot as fresh as possible,” states Holtzclaw. “This could be the start of a whole new industry.”

For fans of the cult classic film and tater tots alike, don’t break open a bottle of Heinz yet. The first edible NFT won’t be heading to the market anytime soon because this is an April Fool’s Day prank brought to you by Liger Partners. But don’t get too upset. NFTs are making their entrance to the restaurant industry with craft beer NFTs and pizza NFTs that unlock both physical and virtual experiences.

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