Leading Sales Engagement Platform, XANT, Announces Partnership With Cision

Leading Sales Engagement Platform_ XANT_ Announces Partnership With Cision

Today, XANT announced its partnership with Cision, an industry-leading earned media communications management and media advisory platform, to enable their move to opportunity-based selling and provide customers with the best solutions.

Cision serves more than 75,000 clients through their public relations platform and their vision remains focused on their customers. The decision to partner with XANT was inspired by their desire to pivot from a lead-focused engagement strategy to an opportunity-based sales engagement strategy. Their partnership with XANT will also support their drive to use the power of data to better coach and manage their sales teams and more accurately measure their sales cycle. With Playbooks by XANT, Cision will be equipped with data, automation, and insights to empower their business and guide their sales activities to the opportunities most likely to lead to results.

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“We were looking for a partner that would be agile and adapt to our evolving needs,” said Lauren Futris, Senior Director of Commercial Operations at Cision. “Knowing what XANT is capable of and how much they care about the customer, the choice was simple. Conversion data and metrics are what we empower our own clients to monitor, and therefore understand its key to successful sales. We believe XANT’s unique use of AI, and opportunity-based sales engagement model will enable Cision to grow in the most effective way.”

XANT CEO, Chris Harrington was similarly excited by the partnership. “Cision is the foundation of PR and communications professionals across the globe,” said Harrington. “By using Playbooks, they are able to reduce wasted outreach and deliver impactful growth with our proprietary AI buyer intelligence. We are honored that Cision selected XANT as their partner to execute their vision of enabling thousands of companies to achieve their communication goals.”

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