Leading Influencer Marketplace Collabstr Expands to 30+ Countries, Including Australia and the UK

Leading Influencer Marketplace Collabstr Expands to 30_ Countries_ Including Australia and the UK

Collabstr announces the launch of their influencer marketplace in over 30 countries, including Australia and the UK. The company’s purpose is to transform influencer marketing and open new collaboration opportunities for businesses and creators worldwide.

Collabstr is a marketplace to find and hire influencers. Collabstr gives brands the ability to search thousands of influencers and purchase their services directly through the platform in a matter of seconds.

This is how brands can leverage the Collabstr marketplace to their advantage by:

  1. Discovering Influencers – Search through thousands of vetted Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube influencers across all industries.
  2. Purchasing Securely – Safely purchase from the influencer through Collabstr. We hold your payment until the work is completed.
  3. Receiving Quality Content – Receive your high-quality content from influencers directly through the platform.

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“Influencer marketing is no longer a game reserved for Fortune 500’s and the Kylie Jenner’s of the world. Every company should be working with creators in some way, whether that is through promotion or content creation for their brand,” highlights Collabstr Co-founder Clayton Rannard.

Using Collabstr, brands in more than 30 countries can now find and hire the perfect influencers to promote their product in minutes. For influencers, the marketplace allows anyone with a social following to make money from their content and influence.

Gone are the days of paying thousands of dollars for software to scrape influencers into lists to contact via email and other slow methods of communication. Collabstr simplifies all of this and more for free.

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