Leadership Transition at New Social Good Software Market Leader

Leadership Transition at New Social Good Software Market Leader

EveryAction, Social Solutions, and CyberGrants (the “Company”) today announce changes to its senior leadership. Stu Trevelyan is stepping down as Chief Executive Officer and he will be replaced by Erin Mulligan Nelson, effective December 1st, 2021.

Stu has spent the last 26 years building and leading technology companies, including EveryAction, that help non-profits and campaigns do more good with innovative software. In his role as CEO of the Company, Stu has been instrumental in facilitating the creation of a landscape-defining social good software platform. A co-founder of CTSG which pioneered many of the best practices and tools for online fundraising and advocacy, Stu was most recently the Chief Executive Officer of EveryAction until its merger with Social Solutions and CyberGrants.

Jason Wright, Partner of Apax and Director of the newly-formed Company, said: “We are incredibly grateful to Stu who has been a leader and pioneer in the social good software space for over two decades and who has played a critical role in the creation of the new Company, and for his leadership as three companies embarked on a complex integration process. On behalf of the Board and Apax, I would like to thank Stu for all his work and dedication to this company, its employees, and its customers. We are excited to partner with Erin in this next phase of the Company’s growth, innovation, and market leadership.”

Stu Trevelyan said: “I am grateful to Apax for the opportunity to be part of the creation of such a landscape-defining company. And it has been the honor of a lifetime to do more good, first with the awesome EveryAction team and clients, and then with the new social software platform, and to build and support the best in class innovative products that have turned us into the fastest growing and second largest nonprofit software company in the world. After a more than 26-year marathon of growing EveryAction/NGP VAN and CTSG before that, helping nonprofits and campaigns do more good with technology, then leading EveryAction into the merger with Social Solutions and CyberGrants and overseeing the combination and creation of the Company, it’s time. I wish Apax and the Company all the best, and I’ll always be rooting for EveryAction and NGP VAN to help our amazing clients to raise more money and build more support.”

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Erin Mulligan Nelson will take over as Chief Executive Officer on December 1st, 2021. Currently President of the Company, she brings 25+ years of technology, marketing and go-to-market leadership experience to the company. Erin previously served as Chief Executive Officer of Social Solutions, leading the company into the merger with EveryAction and CyberGrants, and Calytera, where she oversaw the company’s accelerated growth agenda and led a strategy to bring data, automation and innovation to states and cities across the globe.

Erin Mulligan Nelson said: “I am delighted to be appointed as CEO and to lead this amazing company, now over 1,000 employees strong, where we have the opportunity to redefine the way social good gets powered. We have a tremendous platform full of potential, able to better serve non-profits, the public sector and funders alike. We remain steadfastly committed to our clients in all of the markets we serve today, and I look forward to working closely with Apax, the Board, and the rest of the management team as we finalize the integration of EveryAction, Social Solutions and CyberGrants and drive even greater client impact and growth across the platform.”

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