Tech-savvy, B2B enterprises are increasingly adopting technology for sales and marketing. As Marketing Automation and CRM tools continue to improve, so are marketing and sales business strategies. There has been a very visible shift from batch and blast marketing to more targeted, context-based marketing and sales.

Marketo has been a leader in the Marketing Automation space for almost a decade now. It has been observed that Account-Based Marketing (aka ABM) has been embraced by various customers and B2B companies and also helps in boosting sales with the utilization of account-based segmentation. This increases the system complexity as well as rework, whereas marketing collateral needs to be created in multiple places in the current scenario.

LeadAngel’s Account-Based Marketing Strategy integrates with Marketo and Salesforce. It acts as a liaison between these two systems to help in creating an ABM Strategy such as:

a. Leads to active opportunities
b. Leads with product ownership
c. Leads from the name or strategic account
d. Lead with Competitive products

In near real-time for effective outreach campaigns, things like the ability to reach out to prospects while they are active in the sales cycle could have a huge impact on the company’s growth and top-line.