Laser-Focused – Linea Software Announces Major Brand Launch

Laser-Focused - Linea Software Announces Major Brand Launch

Linea Software, a consulting firm, today announced a major brand launch to reflect the company’s focus into an all-encompassing, healthcare IT (HIT) custom software development consultancy.

The brand launch includes a new company website, user experience (UX), engaging imagery, and communications with the assistance of Cranium, Healthcare Brand Marketing, also based in Denver, Colorado. Linea’s new brand assets include a minimalist logo, along with a new clean-and-simple website and other visual communications that place focus on the tenants of the company and inspiring real-time, human engagement.

D. Austin, Partner at Linea, said, “The healthcare sector has been experiencing tremendous growth and transformation over the past few years, with a need to continue investment in new technologies and solutions to attract, inform and provide care to their patient and member populations.

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“As the global pandemic pushed healthcare organizations to invest in, develop and adopt new technologies more rapidly than ever before, the existing gaps between technical innovation, cybersecurity resilience and data privacy continue to be areas of concern,” adds Austin. “Our strategy and vision for execution have always been to create rock-solid, innovation-inspired solutions well integrated into our culture of security at each stage of the software development life cycle. We’ve established a stellar team with work experiences from some of the world’s most well-known technology and healthcare brands. Our subject matter expertise in delivering commercially available software gives Linea an ability to design, develop and advise healthcare organizations in their quest to drive better health care outcomes and experiences for their patients, members, consumers, and customers.”

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Austin adds that the company’s focus is on human-centered interactions with a goal to balance technology with managing clinical risks, ultimately enabling better outcomes while creating a more genuine connection between the brand and clients. In order to link all of Linea’s capabilities and experiences, we have developed a forward-thinking approach that identifies strategic use cases for improvements to current, real-world opportunities for imagining care and information dissemination.

Karyn Entzion, M.S., healthcare subject matter expert and thought leader, applauded Linea’s entrance into the healthcare IT space. “Linea will help deliver technology solutions that will transform healthcare to deliver better health outcomes, contain costs, and improve the consumer experience.”