Kum & Go and RangeMe Partner to Lead Convenience Innovation

Kum _ Go and RangeMe Partner to Lead Convenience Innovation

Rapidly growing convenience retailer, Kum & Go, announced a new technology partnership with RangeMe, the industry-standard sourcing platform for product suppliers and retailers, to drive new product discovery and innovation at the shelf.

“Our customers are striving to feel and do better every day,” said Stephanie Poitry, Kum & Go Senior Category Manager. “We are continually evaluating our assortment to ensure we are offering the products that are keeping up with our customer’s evolving wants and needs. Our partnership with RangeMe is an exciting step forward on our journey to make healthy food convenient for everyone.”

Access to healthy, convenient, and affordable food and beverages is an important part of Kum & Go’s ethos. By turning to technology to help scale their product offerings, they are able to play a role as true innovators in the market, especially today when convenience is needed more than ever.

“Kum & Go’s commitment to the well-being not just of their community but also to the planet is true leadership in action,” says Nicky Jackson, CEO of RangeMe. “And that type of proactive leadership that is critical to success with the RangeMe platform, and will help them determine the ideal new products to bring into their stores.”

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In partnership with RangeMe, Kum & Go will leverage access to more than 175,000 suppliers, which means an increased opportunity to find those products that speak to their consumers’ needs. Using selective and specific search criteria, Kum & Go will be able to connect with suppliers that can provide products that consumers want, and will keep them coming back to one of the retailer’s 400 stores. Kum & Go prides itself on making its consumers’ days better today and tomorrow and makes decisions based on how they will ultimately affect the people who live and work in the communities they serve and the effect those decisions will have on the planet.

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“Kum & Go is dedicated to pleasing customers through its product mix of original and high-quality items,” Jackson says. “And RangeMe is here to help make the process of finding and perfecting that mix easier for everyone.”