KS&R Acquires Buyer Persona Institute

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KS&R, a top 50 market research firm, has acquired Buyer Persona Institute (BPI), the leading expert in buyer persona research and activation workshops.

The acquisition is a strategic decision that will enable both companies to deliver the broad spectrum of research and insights that drives the growth and innovation of B2B companies.

“BPI has an exceptional reputation due to its unique and highly actionable buyer persona methodology. Their approach simplifies and directly informs every critical marketing decision by revealing what customers expect from their engagement with sales and marketing.  It’s almost like a cheat sheet for these teams, and, frankly, remarkable to see the light bulb go off when clients realize how intuitive and actionable personas can be,” said Jim Kraus, KS&R Vice President and Principal. “The two organizations are a natural fit. Our missions, core competencies, and culture align seamlessly, which is a priority for us due to our client-first approach.”

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Named one of Fortune Magazine’s “5 Best Business Books” in 2015, BPI literally wrote the book on Buyer Personas. The company’s interview methodology and activation workshops are recognized globally for their unique ability to align sales, marketing, and product teams on a strategy to win their buyer’s business. More than 150 global B2B companies count on BPI to reveal everything their prospective customers need to know and experience before they buy.

Adele Revella, Founder of BPI, added “KS&R has nearly 40 years of experience conducting research in global markets with a dedicated team that specializes in tech and other industries involving complex buying decisions. We both share an innate commitment to deliver a depth of insight that makes a difference for our clients. By coming together, we improve our ability to do just that. BPI’s clients will now benefit from KS&R’s full portfolio of qualitative and quantitative research services.”

BPI will operate as a division of KS&R, with the existing experts at BPI and their partner network continuing to deliver uninterrupted buyer persona research and activation workshops. Jim Kraus has been tapped to run the new BPI division for KS&R. Jim has led KS&R’s technology practice for the last several years and has decades of client and supplier side research experience to draw from as he leads BPI forward.

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