Kooc Media has already taken ownership of BeActiveOutdoors.com and is making some changes. The website has been branded with a new logo, and Kooc Media plans to use its existing business methods to make BeActiveOutdoors.com a growing name in the Outdoor information sector.

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The Global market for outdoor products is valued at nearly $85 billion USD, and according to some estimates, it will grow into a $109 billion USD market by 2024.

Oliver Dale, the owner of Kooc Media, had this to say about the recent acquisition:

“We are pleased to add this growing online property to our portfolio of brands at Kooc Media. We have been looking to enter the outdoor market for a while and have been looking for the ideal site in which we can shape and grow using our established formula. Since taking over we have rebranded the site with an exciting new logo which better reflects the target market. We have also launched a new website design which will allow us to expand to cover new outdoor pursuits.”

BeActiveOutdoors.com has already created a great resource for anyone looking into Outdoor equipment. Kooc Media plans to expand the reach of the website by cultivating an online library of well crafted how-to guides, as well as ‘hands-on’ reviews of the latest in Outdoor equipment.

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The internet is awash in reviews of questionable quality, so the objectives that Kooc Media has created for BeActiveOutdoors.com should be very welcome. Outdoor equipment is relied on to handle harsh conditions and keep people safe when they are in natural environments. The revamping of BeActiveOutdoors.com has already begun and will continue throughout 2020.