Knot Standard Launches New App To Measure Clients In Minutes

Knot Standard Launches New App To Measure Clients In Minutes

Knot Standard, the leader in premium custom menswear, has announced its all-new Fit app, which will allow new and existing clients to get precise measurements in a matter of minutes, no matter where they are in the world, via their iPhone. The Fit by Knot Standard app is easy to use, and enables clients to submit just two photos to create their custom clothing.

The new Fit app continues the brand’s push for innovative, tech-forward solutions to traditional retail problems, and will further broaden the brand’s reach. The app allows their team of expert Style Advisors to work with clients remotely anywhere in the world, including existing clients who sometimes need a convenient way to update their measurements based on fluctuations in size.

Along with the recently launched Personal Store for clients, the Fit by Knot Standard app further strengthens the brand’s digital ecosystem, creating a more seamless online experience that doesn’t require clients to live near one of their 10 national Showrooms.

App users simply follow the guided instructions to capture front and side profile photos, which are automatically sent over to the Knot Standard tech team, in turn creating a one-of-a-kind digital pattern built from the 41 measurements and posture details taken from the user’s photos.

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Matthew Mueller, President and Co-Founder of Knot Standard, sees the new app as the brand’s latest solution for clients: “Knot Standard has always been the menswear leader in innovation, seeking to adapt ahead of the customer’s requests.

After multiple years of development, this new app goes beyond just predicting a standard ‘size,’ and instead builds a unique custom pattern for each client across suits, shirts, knits, outerwear, and our new casual and performance products. In just a few minutes, our clients have accurate measurements to build an entire custom wardrobe.”

The brand believes their new app will further digitize their overall shopping ecosystem, making them the obvious choice for new clients, and reinforcing their current clients’ taste for a highly-personalized, best-in-class custom clothing experience. The Fit by Knot Standard App is available now for download on the iOS App Store.

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