Knorex Partners with Tapad to Enable Enhanced Cross-Device Marketing Capabilities for Brands and Agencies


Tapad, a global leader in digital identity resolution, has partnered with Knorex, a leading provider of digital performance marketing. Knorex’s self-service online advertising platform, Knorex XPO™, enables marketers to advertise globally in real-time across different media channels, formats, platforms, and devices.

Tapad’s global, privacy-safe digital cross-device solution, The Tapad Graph, will compliment Knorex XPO™’s own device data set for enhanced marketing capabilities. For Knorex, the integration enables their brand direct and agency customers to gain a more accurate understanding of consumers across devices to reduce campaign inefficiencies and duplication and to effectively manage frequency capping and attribution.

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Abhishek Kumar, VP of Engineering at Knorex commented, “Today’s digital consumer is raising the bar for marketers. With increasing marketing complexities and consumer device usage, this integration enables marketers to understand the consumer decision journey with heightened ease. Our combined offering will empower agencies in the APAC and US markets, providing an improved marketing solution that will help to streamline their efforts.”

Abhay Doshi, Head of APAC at Tapad added: “The Tapad Graph, when integrated with the Knorex XPO platform, should not only help U.S. and APAC marketers optimize campaign performance through cross-device marketing – but also increase the opportunity for brands to reach out to their target customers within the desired time.”

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