Klaviyo Launches Powerful New Features to Give Brands More Ownership of Their Customer-First Data and Help Deliver Personalized Experiences at Scale

Klaviyo Launches Powerful New Features to Give Brands More Ownership of Their Customer-First Data and Help Deliver Personalized Experiences at Scale

Klaviyo, a leading customer data and marketing automation platform, today announced a variety of new features to enable brands to take more control of their customer data and use that information to provide better consumer experiences. The new offerings include a Price Drop Trigger, Multi-Step Forms, SMS UK availability, SMS A/B Testing and a Reports Library.

The new features help elevate the three core parts of Klaviyo’s platform: a secure database for storing everything brands know about their customers; messaging and marketing tools for creating and delivering personalized experiences; and a learning layer to help brands improve the experiences they deliver over time.

“Our singular focus at Klaviyo is to give our users more ownership. Ownership of their data, their customers and the experiences they deliver — and these new features reinforce that,” said Andrew Bialecki, co-founder and CEO of Klaviyo.

“We believe the future of our relationships with the people we care about won’t be gated by marketplaces or social platforms, we’ll talk directly to them. We’re proud that our platform can provide the software and infrastructure to do that at scale, and we’re looking forward to the impact that these new capabilities will have on businesses.”

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Klaviyo announced these new features at the Klaviyo Product Event. Details of the new offerings include:

  • Price Drop Trigger: A new way to convert more window shoppers, Price Drop Trigger alerts text and email subscribers when a product they’ve fallen in love with goes on sale at a lower price. In addition to increased customer engagement and overall satisfaction, this new feature also saves users time by automating the price-drop messages and avoiding the need to build manual one-off campaigns.
  • Multi-Step Forms: This feature allows users to show sign-up forms to website visitors that ask for customer information and subscriptions to marketing channels over multiple steps instead of asking for everything all at once when the sign-up form is first shown, reducing friction in the sign-up process. Users are able to collect the information they need to deliver high-value, tailored messages while streamlining the experience for their customers, one step at a time.
  • SMS A/B Testing: SMS A/B Testing allows users to automatically test different variations of SMS campaigns and optimize their performance. With SMS A/B Testing, users can now experiment with content, send time and image inclusion for their marketing text messages, establishing best practices for each business.
  • Reports Library: The Reports Library is a collection of pre-built reports that leverage Klaviyo’s data to answer common marketing and ecommerce questions. With this resource, brands can unlock opportunities for growth by selecting from auto-suggested questions about their business’s performance. Klaviyo has used its e-commerce expertise, customer interviews and anonymized insights from thousands of similar brands to recommend a library of pre-built reports — giving users quick access to answer their most impactful business questions, and even questions they didn’t know they had.

In addition to these new features, SMS messaging is now available in the UK to help users gather opt-ins to text message marketing and deliver SMS messages to UK-based customers. Klaviyo SMS in the UK will allow brands to navigate GDPR consent, provide strategies to be helpful to build deep relationships, and show why SMS is a big ROI driver — helping brands grow their sales and develop another key marketing channel.

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