Pioneering intelligence platform will help brands make faster, smarter decisions, connecting consumer and market insights to performance marketing

Kenshoo , the global leader in marketing technology, today announced that it is acquiring Signals Analytics , a pioneer in artificial intelligence-based analysis (AI) for market intelligence. The acquisition allows the company to solve the biggest challenge that brands face in the post-COVID-19 era: how to follow the accelerated adoption of e-commerce and be better positioned to understand, engage and transact with consumers, regardless of the channel.

Statistics that demonstrate the failure of up to 95% of consumer product launches annually and up to 30% of marketing investments that do not generate returns, reflect a shopping scenario challenged by digitalization. Among the factors, the emergence of disruptive Direct-to-Consumer models (vertical-commerce) and the increase in sensitivity to consumer privacy (LGPD).

Brands face the need to quickly transform engagement, moving from an essentially physical and linear model to another that is primarily digital and reiterative, in order to remain competitive. This requires a shorter and smarter innovation cycle and better product planning, followed by insights-driven launches and marketing execution. By establishing a pioneering AI platform that connects internal and external data sets to bring insights across the entire marketing value chain, Kenshoo will enable its business customers to make more accurate predictions and enable their growth potential.

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“Given the exponential growth we’re experiencing in performance marketing, specifically around e-commerce, Kenshoo sees firsthand how brands make decisions to bring products to the online market,” said Kenshoo’s CEO and co-founder, Yoav Izhar-Prato“The channel discussion is shifting from media platforms to types of distribution – direct to the consumer or retail – and we count on our support to support these decisions. We look for a powerful platform that better captures holistic consumer and market insights, connecting layered external data sets with advanced, cutting-edge analytical capabilities, and we find them both at Signals Analytics, with a proven track record of curating and augmenting external data and using unique AI / ML resources to infuse decisions with relevant insights and actionable for highly prestigious brands, the team impressed us. ”

Immediately, the combined assets of companies create a connected knowledge graph between brands, consumers, products, campaigns, editors and market data silos. This allows consumer perception and analysis teams to optimize trend assessment to identify “blanks” opportunities (gaps, untapped niches), provide marketers with the ability to develop more effective strategic plans, and give partners , retailers and publishers, access to broader cross-channel intelligence to create value.

“Signals Analytics was founded on the premise that more solid and timely market intelligence could improve business results as a critical bridge for customers who move quickly,” said Gil Sadeh, co-founder and CEO of Signals Analytics. “We saw how to get there by extracting available market signals from noise, which was often overlooked due to the large volume of data constantly generated online. By connecting these signals into a configurable and robust data mesh, using patented AI and natural language, we help some of the world’s most visible consumer brands to accelerate product innovation, improve launch metrics, support marketing teams and ultimately drive growth. Joining forces with Kenshoo means we can advance our collective mission to enable smarter and faster market entry decisions in the current and highly dynamic era of digital commerce. ”

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Impact on the Brazilian market:

Second semiannual e-commerce report, Webshoppers edition 42, prepared by Ebit | Nielsen, published in October 2020, the growth trend in online sales has been occurring in recent years. However, due to the pandemic, there was an expressive growth: in the first half of this year, negotiations over the internet closed the period at its highest increase in 20 years: 47% growth. The study also says that the increase in sales in virtual sales in the first six months of the year was largely driven by a total of 90.8 million orders – an increase of 39% over the same period in 2019.

“With the acquisition of Signals Analytics, customers in Latin America and Brazil will be positively impacted. From now on, they will have even more combined artificial intelligence resources, which will allow them to make better, faster and more assertive decisions to develop their markets. . New consumer behavior is already seen, more digital, so factors such as strategy, agility and market intelligence are essential for him to be successful in his actions “, says Evandro Carvalho , Vice President of Customer Services at Kenshoo .