Kakapo Systems Announces Email Queues for BroadSoft

Kakapo, Email, BroadSoft

Kakapo Systems, a developer of end-user applications for the Cisco BroadSoft platform, has announced the availability of email queues for BroadSoft. This builds on the existing Unity Contact Center suite that adds Web Chat, Twitter and Calls Back queues, on top of BroadSoft ACD voice queues, for a truly omnichannel offering.

Designed for BroadSoft service providers, Unity Contact Center is a 100% cloud solution that can be deployed in minutes using existing BroadSoft group and user credentials. In this way, BroadSoft providers can use their existing platform investment and easily leverage new opportunities as omnichannel requirements come down market.

Steve Tutt, Marketing Director at Kakapo Systems outlines the new capability, “Email is one of the most accessible customer contact routes but trying to manage shared mailbox through traditional email platforms is often totally unworkable. This solution is tailored for SMB customers, allowing them to embed email routing within their existing ACD customer service channel. Emails are delivered to Agents in the same interface they handle BroadSoft ACD calls which, we believe, improves the overall contact experience for inbound customers.”

Kakapo believes a key differentiator is their Cloud Personas, which unifies different omnichannel conversations, thus providing context to the Agent when they receive the email. Tutt expands, “Personas allow us to map the overall customer journey. For example, if they had requested a callback, then web chat a week later and a month after that they send an email. By storyboarding the overall customer journey and presenting all the previous interactions to the agent, we can provide 360-degree context, where the Agent can drill into full transcripts of all the customers’ previous contact across any media.” Full email transcripts are automatically journaled into leading CRM platforms, including Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics. Tutt adds, “We intend to build out Cloud Personas substantially, as we believe this bridges a crucial gap between where the contact center ends and the CRM begins.”

Kakapo Systems frame email queues within their overall cloud contact center architecture for BroadSoft providers, who can now add any emerging customer touchpoints as media streams on their existing platform. Tutt concludes, “Omni-channel solutions have been available to enterprise customers for some time. With Unity Contact Center and this new Email queueing capability, we are making true multi-media contact centers available for all BroadSoft UCaaS and ACD customers, regardless of size.”