Kahoot! Announces Kahoot! Academy: A Global Knowledge Platform, Community and Marketplace for Educators and Publishers

Kahoot_ Announces Kahoot_ Academy A Global Knowledge Platform_ Community and Marketplace for Educators and Publishers

Today, Kahoot!, the global learning platform company, announced the launch of Kahoot! Academy, a worldwide knowledge platform, community, and marketplace for educators and publishers. Announced at the first-ever Kahoot! EDU Summit, this new knowledge platform will bring together educators from all around the world to share and access high-quality learning content and other relevant resources.

For educators and content publishers, Kahoot! Academy will serve as a platform to access and publish, high-quality content, as well as create communities around various subjects.  For learners, it will become a source for verified content for self-study and new knowledge. Kahoot! was inspired to create Kahoot! Academy to empower the global educator community and strengthen collaboration in times of distance learning. It is built on the strength of the Kahoot! brand and its global user base of more than 6 million educators and 1.3 billion participating players annually.

Kahoot! Academy disrupts the way educational content is shared around the world: it is the first-of-its-kind marketplace where educators and publishers will keep 100% of their proceeds while reaching an audience of millions. Educators and publishing brands will start promoting their content on Kahoot! Academy from today.

“Some of the biggest challenges we educators face is the lack of time, resources and the ability to connect with peers to share knowledge and materials,” said Linda Sees, history department chair at Roselle Catholic High School in New Jersey, USA and one of the first Kahoot! Academy Verified educators. “I am so excited to be one of the early educators to become a part of what is the first global community and knowledge resource for teachers that puts us front and center.”

Kahoot! Academy has also signed on publishers and brands such as AdCouncil, American Museum of Natural History, Britannica, Cambridge University Press, Common Sense Education, iCivics, Merriam Webster, National Geographic, Peekapak and Time for Kids to be among the first partners with Premium publisher status.

“Our vision with Kahoot! Academy is to create a one-stop-shop for all educational resources,” said Eilert Hanoa, CEO, Kahoot! “This is the community and content platform of the future for education, for everyone. We hope to inspire education professionals through high-quality, verified content and ensure that every student has access to awesome learning no matter where they are.”

Kahoot! Academy will be available in numerous languages, and educators, publishers, and brands can apply today to become Verified educators or Premium partners by registering at kahootacademy.com.

Verified profiles will be available as a part of the Kahoot! Premium+ offering for schools and higher education. Publishers and brands will be able to publish on Kahoot! Academy with a publisher subscription. Learners looking for knowledge will be able to access the platform’s content for free.