JumpCrew the leading B2B customer acquisition platform expands its product offering to help B2B companies get new customers.

For the past two years, JumpCrew has had explosive growth helping customers like Experian Automotive, Bosch, Dstillery, and others increase brand awareness, get high-quality leads and grow revenue. JumpCrew specializes in using a Full-Funnel approach to help B2B businesses integrate sales and marketing to grow their customer base.

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JumpCrew introduced two additional products on top of its Full Funnel offering.

  • Satellite Sales: JumpCrew’s Satellite Sales is a blend of technology and human sales expertise that helps B2B companies increase revenue without building an in the house sales team. It’s a turn-key outsourced sales solution supported by full operations and client success teams.
  • Sales Enablement Marketing: JumpCrew’s Sales Enablement Marketing helps B2B companies increase brand awareness and high quality leads for their sales teams.

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“Since we have found such a high level of success in B2B sales for ourselves we decided to officially offer this as a product to our clients,” said Robert Henderson, JumpCrew’s co-founder, and CEO.

In the past year, JumpCrew’s Full Funnel business has grown 10% month over month driven through existing client growth and enterprise client acquisition.