Iyuno-SDI makes strategic investment in Ortana Media Group

Iyuno-SDI makes strategic investment in Ortana Media Group

The Iyuno-SDI Group, a global partner in localization and media services to the world’s leading content producers and distributors, today announced its investment in the Kingdom-based technology provider United Ortana Media Group. Financial terms were not disclosed.

Iyuno-SDI’s localization supply chain is taking a significant step forward with Ortana’s highly scalable asset management and workflow orchestration solutions. Founded in 2012 by CEO James Gibson , Ortana quickly established a market presence in Australia, Europe, New Zealand, South Asia, North America and South America with its Cubix, Kiosk Cloud and Spot & Spin platforms. Ortana is helping its customers better manage their media assets, automate processes, reduce operating costs and expand workflows.

“By leveraging Ortana technology across Iyuno-SDI’s global infrastructure, we will continue to meet and exceed our customers’ demands with a highly scalable end-to-end localization supply chain,” said David Lee , CEO of Iyuno- SDI Group.

“Global media and entertainment distribution is going through a period of unprecedented growth as consumer appetite for content is on the rise, and the need for a single supply chain provider is critical to distribution strategies. of global content producers.”

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“We are excited to be joining the Iyuno-SDI Group,” said James Gibson , founding CEO of Ortana Media Group. ” David Lee’s vision for a truly global and scalable localized media supply chain is perfectly aligned with ours. We see this as a huge opportunity to expand these offerings to customers around the world.”

Iyuno-SDI offers the world’s leading content creators and distributors a portfolio of localization and media services, including dubbing, subtitling, mastering, packaging and distribution, encoding and transcoding, and quality control.

Ortana’s platforms, integrated with Iyuno-SDI’s global network of studios and media services facilities, will form the industry’s most advanced end-to-end supply chain services provider.

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