Issuu Introduces New App on Canva to Enrich Content Transformation, Publishing & Analytics Platform

Issuu Introduces New App on Canva to Enrich Content Transformation, Publishing & Analytics Platform

Issuu, the largest SaaS content publishing and marketing platform in the world, today released a new app on Canva to enable bi-directional, seamless creation across the two platforms. Now content creators and marketers can cohesively leverage both platforms to enhance their content, extend its reach, and understand its performance. This comes at a time when demand is high, with Issuu seeing five times more Canva content uploaded to Issuu in the past year.

Through this powerful new functionality, all content creators and marketers can reach their audiences more effectively by creating content once, and sharing it everywhere. Through the Issuu app in Canva’s app marketplace, creators can:

  • Utilize Canva’s extensive library of templates, or start from scratch, to create standout designs before exporting and publishing them digitally on Issuu in a range of engaging formats;
  • Share and send designs to Issuu in one click, turning Canva designs into page-turning digital flipbooks, mobile-optimized articles, social posts, GIFs, and more, in minutes;
  • Maximize the reach and impact of content created on Canva with the integrated distribution and audience growth potential of publishing on Issuu;
  • Leverage Issuu’s AI to extend the life and reach of content with auto-generated, mobile-optimized articles, given the 6x increase in publication of AI-generated articles in the past year;
  • Gain valuable insights into content performance by accessing Issuu’s built-in statistics within the Canva workspace, and make data-driven decisions on how to iterate designs;
  • Re-use high-performing assets to create new versions of the same content or additional formats for a variety of channels;
  • Share digital content directly from Canva with fullscreen sharing and embed links provided by Issuu (coming soon).

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“The number of organizations and individuals who designed content in Canva and uploaded that content to Issuu quadrupled within the past two years,” said Joe Hyrkin, chief executive officer at Issuu. “To both companies, this signaled an immediate opportunity to evolve with our customers, and enhance their experience. This new integration simplifies their workflows, and enables them to transform, host, and more easily create content once and share everywhere.”

Issuu is ideal for publishing and distributing marketing collateral, portfolios, brochures, newsletters, magazines, catalogs, and more. Issuu empowers content creators to transform designs from static files into dynamic marketing assets for every distribution channel. This includes flipbooks to embed in websites and blogs, mobile-optimized articles, on-brand posts for social media, GIFs for email, and more.

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“By collaborating with Issuu’s intuitive all-in-one publishing platform, we’re powering a faster, more insightful content creation process for people who need to create, publish and share long-form content at high volumes, quickly,” said Anwar Haneef, Head of Ecosystem at Canva. “Our mission at Canva is to empower anyone to design anything so they can achieve their goals. Through Issuu’s app on Canva, we’ll be helping customers get more value from their designs.”

Canva rolled out its new Canva Apps SDK offerings at its first developer event, Canva Extend, on June 14, 2023. Issuu CEO Joe Hykrin participated in a panel conversation on Driving Growth Together: Canva + App Developers, with D-ID Avatar and Amazon also in attendance. 

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