Investis Digital announces the launch of Investis Digital Live

Investis Digital announces the launch of Investis Digital Live

Investis Digital , a leading digital communications company, announced the rebranding and enhancement of its webcasting and virtual events solution under the name Investis Digital Live. By combining exclusive technology and passionate professionals, Investis Digital Live helps more than 750 companies a year to manage webcasts and virtual events economically and securely.

“The repositioning of the brand and the relaunch of Investis Digital Live marks an important turning point in the range of solutions we offer as well as in the types of events we now support,” said Adrian Goodliffe , Managing Director for Europe . “Many companies have increased their use of collaboration tools like Teams and Zoom to manage their basic communication needs, and at the same time, we are seeing an increased demand for solutions to support large-scale events. Investis Digital Live is a secure and scalable platform that supports audiences of several thousand users, and which is available through an outsourcing service model. “

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Investis Digital continued to partner with numerous companies, including Dominos, Prudential and Homebase, to deliver effective and engaging communications to their audiences. These events have included internal town halls, activity updates for external partners, quarterly and annual results for investors and online training events for employees.

Launch of the Connect.ID virtual event platform

To improve Investis Digital Live, the company unveiled its Connect.ID virtual event platform. This integrated, scalable and secure solution that supports live and virtual events can be set up in as little as two weeks. It offers a number of features, such as:

  • A single point of registration and connection compliant with GDPR regulations
  • An engaging user experience with simultaneous live and interactive presentations, prerecorded on-demand content and downloadable resources
  • Collaborative features such as audience Q&A, live polls, broadcast alerts, and slide syncing – all of which are fully compatible with desktop or mobile devices
  • Custom content that you can develop to create additional “rooms” or to meet specific needs 

In addition, this solution provides users with comprehensive live and on-demand analytics, accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week . Data includes people who watched the event live and the content they interacted with.

David Corchado , CTO of Investis Digital, said: “What sets us apart from the rest is our ability to deliver a high-level user experience without compromising on engineering and security standards. By leveraging our Connect.ID technology within Investis Digital Live, clients benefit from a trusted partner who is committed to creating flawless events. “

Investis Digital holds ISMS 27001 and ISO 9001 certifications and its technology is approved and used by many of the world’s most demanding security organizations, including banks and defense companies, such as Prudential, RBS, Rolls-Royce and BAE Systems.