InVastor Inc. Now Offering Users eConsignment to Challenge Major Online Retailers


InVastor Inc., a Marketplace App that helps local businesses and individuals to sell their products and have them delivered the same day, announced that it will start selling items on behalf of users, on consignment. After 6 months operating out of Massachusetts only, it’s now opening up its platform to users in Rhode IslandConnecticut and New Hampshire as it aims to cover more states in 2020.

InVastor has made it possible for anyone to easily sell items on its fast-growing platform. Anyone can list an item free of charge, sell it and have it delivered by the thousands of drivers already on the App. If you have no time to sell, InVastor can sell on your behalf, deal with customers and even deliver the items on the same day. InVastor charges a small commission on the sales.

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“We are now going a step further. We want to help you get cash for the ‘Treasures in your closet’. If you have unused items, lightly used clothes, electronics or anything of value, you can simply put them in a box, go on the InVastor App and request a pickup. They’ll be picked up and delivered to our Brockton, Ma warehouse. We’ll sell them and transfer money to your account. Buyers can also come and check the items in our warehouse if they want and they can also purchase the items there. InVastor is planning to open up more warehouses and distribution locations across the country to help in its logistics and retail business, as well as partner with more businesses and manufacturers,” says Chris Esikumo, CEO at InVastor Inc.

InVastor is the only Marketplace that has built its own network of drivers delivering goods sold on the platform and also delivering anything that needs to be moved from point A to point B. “We have seen thousands of drivers from Uber, Lyft, Amazon, Food Delivery Businesses, signing onto our platform, because of all the flexibility they get delivering packages. I expect to see this trend growing as we continue to expand. We are also seeing businesses that are saving thousands of dollars using our same-day delivery feature,” said Esikumo.

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