InVastor Inc., a Marketplace App that has developed one of the most sophisticated same-day delivery platforms in the world, has offered to help the government, states, cities, businesses, and individuals with its delivery platform to help fight the Coronavirus should they need it.

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“We have seen how China has shut down cities and the impact this has had on businesses and the quality of life of the people living there. America is the greatest country in the world and we should never allow ourselves to get there. Businesses should remain open and people should get what they need, whenever they need it. Connecting businesses and people is the missing link that InVastor is sharing with all stakeholders,” says Chris Esikumo, CEO of InVastor Inc.

InVastor is able to help businesses and individuals request same-day delivery services. These deliveries are done by people in the community, thus creating job opportunities and helping each other get essential goods. People can also chat with local businesses and with other members of their community on the platform. It’s with this in mind that InVastor wants to help the Federal and Local governments with its platform so that communities can continue to function as normal. Through its platform, InVastor in partnership with the federal and local governments can reach everyone in the contiguous USA, on the same day.

“Since the beginning of March, we have seen a spike in users, as many people who drive for Uber, Lyft, DoorDash, and other on-demand services are signing up to our platform. Drivers are able to pick up and deliver items without having to come into contact with anyone. We are now looking for more drivers to sign up in areas that have been affected by the virus so that they can help deliver essential goods from stores and also help local businesses continue to function as normal. It’s free for anyone to sign up on InVastor and be a regular user or an independent contract driver. Regular users can buy goods and ask for deliveries from stores that are on the application or in their neighborhood. We have made our background checks faster for drivers who pay for the checks to enable them to start working within 24-48 hours,” said Chris Esikumo.

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InVastor is the only Marketplace that has built its own network of drivers who deliver goods sold on the InVastor platform or from one business to another business or from a business to its customers or from the comfort of your home to anywhere you choose. Items that can be moved the range from small packages to truckloads. InVastor is encouraging local businesses and individuals in the affected areas to sign up on its platform to enable them to purchase and sell goods locally. The belief is that this is the only way local businesses can continue operating unaffected and individuals can get essential goods without leaving their homes.