Introducing Innovative Mental Wellness Platform OPUS Launches SoundBed with Unrivaled Design and Technology

Introducing Innovative Mental Wellness Platform OPUS Launches SoundBed with Unrivaled Design and Technology-01

Now available for pre-order, OPUS is launching an emotional fitness platform that combines proven self-care practices with modern technology to empower users to feel better on purpose. OPUS has partnered with renowned Swiss designer, and fuseproject founder, Yves Béhar to create SoundBed™. The unrivaled, patent-pending design blends targeted and full-body vibration with spatial sound to create a personalized, immersive SoundHealing™ experience. The sleek, modular device converts into a compact, hexagonal form that can be easily stowed away when not in use.

“The SoundBed™ is a healing product and platform that my team and I designed with OPUS to empower users to take control of their emotional health and alleviate physical tension through immersive SoundHealing™. It delivers a wellness-centered experience for healing and mindfulness, and by combining OPUS’ technology with an elevated form factor that is accessible for daily use, we are increasing the ease with which anyone can tap into holistic wellness and healing at home,” says designer Yves Behar.

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Along with SoundBed™, the OPUS App delivers a diverse catalog of content experiences called “Journeys,” which are curated for each user based on individual goals and preferences. OPUS Journeys are crafted by a community of leading experts in meditation, peak performance, breathwork, relationships, emotional intelligence, and more. The exclusive content ranges from 7-60 minute sessions, with shorter experiences designed for daily relaxation or mood enhancement and longer Journeys intended for deeper exploration and personal growth. As users continue to experience the powerful impact of immersive SoundHealing™ over time, they will discover SoundBed™ increasing efficacy in helping them reach their emotional fitness goals and ultimately achieving a more joyful, purposeful life.

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“At this critical moment in our culture and shared experience we are grateful to be able to introduce the healing therapies we have developed at OPUS to help educate people about emotional wellness and provide the tools and techniques that amplify one’s self healing and emotional sovereignty.” – Christopher (CT) Schenk, Co-Founder & CEO, OPUS

“Feeling our best doesn’t happen by accident. In order to feel better on purpose, we must overcome the pervasive barriers of stress, distraction, and discipline. OPUS is designed to be an effortless self-care experience and your most trusted tool for emotional fitness.” – Adam Schlender, Co-Founder & CXO, OPUS

Available for pre-order starting today, the OPUS SoundBed™ will retail at $1999 or as low as $56/mo when it launches early 2022, with a limited-time discount available for those that reserve their device ahead of time.

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