IntelligenceBank Adds Dynamic Creative Templates to Digital Asset Management & Marketing Operations Software

IntelligenceBank , Digital Asset Management , Marketing Operations Software

IntelligenceBank, the leading digital asset management, and marketing operations platform, has launched a Dynamic Creative Templates feature aimed at increasing local area marketing efficiencies in regulated industries.

According to Tessa Court, CEO of IntelligenceBank, “Our clients spend millions of dollars each year updating marketing materials such as posters, web banners, flyers, brochures and pull up banners. This latest feature automates the majority of these tasks while enforcing brand and regulatory compliance.”

The feature allows clients to upload Adobe InDesign templates and map individual design layers to data sources. This includes images from the IntelligenceBank Digital Asset Management system, user lookups and database records from within the Marketing Operations platform.

“Local area marketing is a big struggle for most businesses, this feature lets them be agile and creative without losing control of brand compliance. For example, one of our clients produces more the 1,000 pull up banners annually, the Dynamic Creative Templates feature will save them an incredible amount of time and in excess of $150,000 on creative development for these alone,” says Tessa Court.

IntelligenceBank’s clients have already started using the feature to let end-users at retail locations customize selected elements of creative, including messaging, pricing, interest rates, disclaimers, images, and packaging labels.