Integral Ad Science Provides Cutting Edge Ad Verification with Automatic Machine Learning Capabilities from

Integral Ad Science , Ad Verification , Automatic Machine Learning,, the open-source leader in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), announced that it is working with the global leader in digital ad verification, Integral Ad Science (IAS), to bring its industry-leading automatic machine learning platform, H2O Driverless AI to ad verification. The IAS data science team can deliver trusted data measurement and insights into the global digital advertising industry by using the ground-breaking capabilities of H2O Driverless AI.

“Driverless AI is an integral part of the science behind our digital advertising solutions. Its machine learning capabilities enhance the algorithms we use to drive the IAS customer product solutions,” said Tony Lucia, Chief Technology Officer at Integral Ad Science. “Our technology solves critical advertising needs of agencies, brands, and publishers around the world, providing brand safety and suitability, sentiment analysis, fraud detection and more. has been an important partner as we continue to scale our company’s abilities and IAS products.”

“Integral Ad Sciences is building one of the world’s most accurate models to fight online ad fraud with H2O Driverless AI,” said Sri Ambati, founder and CEO at “Over the years, Integral Ad Science has been operationalizing brand safety models for some of the leading online, video and mobile brands with H2O Open Source on the public clouds. We are excited that IAS is now able to automatically retrain & deploy pipelines for brand suitability, ad optimization and fraud detection models with H2O Driverless AI. Our mission to democratize AI and make every company an AI company empowers customers like Integral Ad Science to serve their clients better with AI.”

Integral Ad Science (IAS) Delivers Results for Clients with AI
IAS is on the leading edge of the digital advertising market with its use of AI and data science. 10 billion daily impressions feed IAS’s proprietary machine learning models, making the algorithms smarter at a faster rate than other verification solutions. IAS protects digital campaigns with surgical precision and the rapid classification of new threats as they emerge. Powered by AI and fueled by a global scale, IAS’s technology enables advertisers to take control of their media investments and publishers to maximize the value of their inventory.