IntegraCall(R) announces a revolutionary update to its flagship whistleblower solution

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IntegraCall(R) announces a revolutionary update to its flagship whistleblower solution

The Red Flag Group®, leading compliance technology and due diligence firm, announced that its AI-driven whistleblower platform, IntegraCall®, has a new feature: IntegraCall® Voice.

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Many companies have had whistleblower lines in place for over twenty years. Traditionally, however, companies have provided a series of telephone numbers in various countries for employees and vendors to report misconduct. The phone calls are then forwarded to a main call center staffed with call handlers. The call handlers deal with the complaints, sometimes supported by a live translator, and then the complaints are recorded into a system.

Such a service can cost companies up to US$100,000 per annum. So, it was time for a complete overhaul.

In 2019, IntegraCall® started the technology revolution with the release of its whistleblower platform. This release changed the game in compliance reporting and whistleblowing by putting the power into the hands of the reporters, allowing them to use an app on their mobile phones.

‘With the widespread use of smartphones in every single corner of the globe, there is hardly a person on Earth that our reporting system cannot reach. It was just so obvious to move to an app-first business,’ said Jenna Kim, IntegraCall®’s Product Incubator.

Today, IntegraCall® has enhanced its reporting facilities by adding an AI-driven chatbot called ‘Nicole’. Nicole allows callers to make reports in their own languages, and those reports can be immediately translated and added to a case management system without human intervention. Nicole will even automatically convert all her conversations with the reporter into writing and encrypt and store them on the system alongside the encrypted recorded audio file.

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‘Nicole is an AI-driven chatbot that is improving every day through machine learning. With the technology of IBM Watson and Google Translate, our clients’ employees, suppliers, and partners can more simply report issues through the app. We have seen a significant improvement in Nicole’s understanding of compliance and whistleblowers,’ said Scott Lane, CEO of IntegraCall® and The Red Flag Group®. ‘The revolution in compliance and whistleblowing reporting is nowhere.’

In May 2020, IntegraCall® is taking another great leap in technology to release reporting using virtual landlines as an additional reporting mechanism. After calling a dedicated local phone number, users can speak with Nicole directly using IntegraCall® Voice.