Rebrands as XANT to Reflect Focus on New Revenue Acceleration Solutions , XANT , Revenue Acceleration Solutions announced its corporate rebrand to XANT™. Under the new name, XANT will continue to build upon the company’s innovative foundation and customer adoption for its intelligent sales engagement solutions. A play on the word cognizant, XANT embodies how its data and platform make sales organizations “all-knowing.”  This new brand name reflects the hyper-aware, informed sales organization that XANT solutions enable.

Along with the rebrand, XANT is expanding it’s recently introduced Revenue Acceleration Cloud™ beyond sales to also enable marketing and account management teams to optimize their day, improving productivity, visibility, and effectiveness. The XANT Revenue Acceleration Cloud enables teams to build a closeable pipeline and expand customer revenue more effectively.

Sales reps often waste time working on the wrong things, because they don’t operate with repeatable processes that use good data insights. The XANT platform enriches CRM data with collective buyer data to optimize each and every sales engagement with a customer. This innovative offering combines AI with data from the leading CRM platforms including Salesforce, Microsoft, SAP, and Infor along with nearly 10 billion revenue interactions between buyers and sellers.

“XANT is changing how B2B enterprises buy and sell to each other, and our former brand did not capture that,” said Chris Harrington, CEO of XANT. “No group has benefited more from the continued proliferation of data and digital access than buyers – think about how much a buyer knows about a company they are considering buying from before they ever talk to a sales rep? How do sales professionals adapt to this world? XANT will do for sales what Waze did for navigation by using collective user experiences to improve sales interactions. We will continue to build on the company’s unparalleled data insights that help reps build closeable pipeline and engage customers in ways that AI and CRM alone cannot.”

XANT will provide customers with data and insights from more than 183 million buyer profiles to close more deals faster. The company is already helping brands like John Hancock Investment Management, Pluralsight and others drive new revenue and customer engagement.

“XANT eliminates the guesswork from sales. They help us draw a straight line between where we are and where we need to be,” said Katie McKay, head of sales enablement and distribution strategy at John Hancock Investment Management. “We’re excited to see where this new chapter takes XANT and how the company will continue to blend the best of traditional CRM, AI, and collective behavior data to help customers.”