Innovative Alliance between N-Compass TV and iSite Media Elevates Digital Out-of-Home Advertising

N-Compass TV

In a significant move for both companies within the Digital Out-Of-Home (DOOH) advertising sector, N-Compass TV, a leader in community-based digital signage, has partnered with iSite Media, a renowned force in sports arena digital advertising. This collaboration aims to reshape the advertising landscape for each company by combining N-Compass TV’s extensive retail network with iSite Media’s elite sports venue presence.

The partnership is set to create one of the largest integrated digital signage networks across the United States, offering advertisers unprecedented access to a growing network of over 5,500 indoor digital billboards. These strategically placed screens in high-traffic areas ensure optimal visibility and engagement, from bustling retail locations to iconic sports arenas.

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Don Winfrey, CEO of N-Compass TV, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating, “This strategic alliance with iSite Media not only broadens our reach but also deepens our market penetration, offering unparalleled advertising opportunities for our clients.”

Brian Lord, CEO of iSite Media, echoed this sentiment, adding, “Aligning with N-Compass TV for expanded advertising sales, a proven leader in the DOOH industry, enhances our offering and enables us to deliver even more dynamic and impactful advertising solutions.”

The synergy between N-Compass TV’s innovative technology and iSite Media’s strategic venue partnerships marks a transformative step forward for advertisers seeking to captivate audiences nationwide with compelling, location-based digital content.

This joint venture leverages the rapid growth of indoor digital signage, fueled by advancements in technology and increasing internet accessibility. The collaboration is poised to set new standards in advertising effectiveness and audience engagement. This signifies a shared vision for the future of DOOH advertising, leveraging strengths to innovate and deliver advertising that resonates and engages on a national scale.

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