Inmar Intelligence Selects Prodly to Accelerate Salesforce Release Cycles

Inmar Intelligence Selects Prodly to Accelerate Salesforce Release Cycles

Prodly, the leading change management platform for Salesforce, today announced that data-driven technology-enabled services company, Inmar Intelligence, has implemented AppOps Release to automate Salesforce release management and save time on manual, repetitive tasks.

For 40 years, Inmar has served as a trusted intermediary for retailers, manufacturers, healthcare providers, and government agencies providing innovative solutions for coupon redemption, prescription management, and product returns. When COVID-19 hit, Inmar’s Salesforce team not only had to rapidly figure out how to transition its sales and service teams to remote work, but also mitigate impact to the business as retailers froze promotions. To keep up with the volume of change requests, the Salesforce team worked around the clock for weeks. This experience solidified the need for a smarter way to manage releases.

“Prodly will completely change the way we manage Salesforce releases so we can get new features into the hands of our users faster and more reliably than ever without having to sacrifice our nights and weekends,” says Karen Byrum, System Architect at Inmar Intelligence.

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The Prodly AppOps platform, makes agile development a reality for low-code applications. Through an intuitive, point-and-click interface, anyone who works on Salesforce can easily migrate configurations and data between Salesforce orgs to configure, test, and release Salesforce updates faster. With robust features for data deployment, version control, and regression testing, AppOps helps administrators and developers continuously deliver app innovation.

“Since AppOps is declarative, we were able to implement it and see results very quickly, Prodly also maintains deployment templates for CPQ, Conga, and other apps, which made our time to value even faster,” explains Kelly Kuykendall, CRM Systems Administrator.

Shortly after the implementation of Prodly, Inmar is already seeing results:

  • Reduced time to migrate data between Salesforce orgs from hours to 5 minutes
  • Shortened project turnaround time
  • Improved quality of life for Salesforce team

In addition to shortening project turnaround time, AppOps will enable Inmar Intelligence to reclaim sandboxes that were not being used effectively. Prodly’s automated data deployments will enable Inmar Intelligence to move initial project work to individual Developer sandboxes so Full and Partial Copy sandboxes can be refreshed regularly for more accurate testing. The company also plans to use Prodly for several upcoming data schema projects including an org merge to incorporate a recent acquisition and transforming a custom case management object to standard Salesforce functionality.

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