InflueNex, an influencer marketing platform, was recently released with several powerful features, including searching, managing, analyzing and contacting influencers. People can use InflueNex for their social media influencer marketing with these easy features. The platform is developed by Wondershare Co., LTD, a dedicated solution provider that offers helpful solutions to people.

​​What is InflueNex?
InflueNex is an easy-to-use yet powerful and reliable influencer marketing platform that helps users to find, manage, analyze and contact users. It primarily focuses on YouTube, which contains a community of about 11 million YouTube influencers on the platform. Moreover, each influencer has his/her category so that the users can find the right influencers for collaboration easily. With all the helpful features provided by InflueNex, it’s very easy for business holders and marketers to promote their business with social media influencers.

Key Features of InflueNex

Search for YouTube influencers with ease
The searching feature on InflueNex is helpful for the users to target influencers with ease. InflueNex also provides advanced filters to help users find influencers in a specific field. All search result details about influencers will be displayed on a dashboard.

Comprehensive Influencer Analysis
Analyzing influencers is also valid on InflueNex. It helps users to analyze the influencer with visualized charts. The main analysis component tools include engagement, YouTube growth tendency, channel performance, YouTube subscriber tendency, YouTube posts, and more.

Contact Influencers with efficiency
The ability to send collaboration emails is also available on InflueNex. Users can create their group and send an email to them in one click. Besides sending emails, InflueNex also offers email templates for users to create collaboration emails easily.

Easily Manage Influencers​​​
​InflueNex also has management features that help users to add their influencers to favorites, compare influencers’ statistics, and more.
With InflueNex’s social media marketing platform, users can make their influencer marketing easier than ever.