Influencer Marketing Association Launches As The Official Trade Organization Committed To Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing,

The Influencer Marketing Association (IMA) launched as the official trade organization committed to protecting the authenticity and ethics of influencer marketing. Founded by a group of influencer marketing and communications agency veterans who lead the influencer marketing industry today, including HUNTER and 360PR+ and, as well as leading brands like Best Buy, IMA will ensure ethical standards are met while advocating on behalf of influencers, marketers, and consumers.

As influencer marketing continues to heat up, and brands are dedicating more funds to the practice, the organization will provide members with the most up-to-date influencer marketing tools and resources on best practices, measurement standards and trends from the constantly evolving industry.

“We founded the Influencer Marketing Association to help establish parameters and guardrails for this growing and changing the industry,” said IMA Executive Director Kristy Sammis. “We believe in the value of integrating the human element and leading-edge technology while operating under a set of ethical standards to help brands achieve marketing objectives. We hope to be a resource for brands and agencies looking for authentic, credible, objective influencer marketing strategies.”