Inference Solutions, a global provider of Intelligent Virtual Agents (IVAs), announced the launch of an FAQ On-Demand offering, which includes a free team of IVAs that can be rapidly deployed to keep customers and employees informed as the COVID-19 crisis evolves.

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For a limited time, service providers, businesses, healthcare organizations, and government agencies can license five voice-based virtual agents that have the skills to answer frequently asked questions using speech recognition, text-to-speech and natural language understanding (NLU). The inference will waive the standard licensing fees for the IVAs through June 30. 

FAQ On-Demand IVAs can be deployed in as little as two days. An organization can simply create a spreadsheet of FAQs that address common inquiries, including service, operational or policy changes; helpdesk applications; or community health and safety updates. This spreadsheet can be uploaded to Inference’s code-free IVA development platform, Inference Studio. Then the Inference professional services team will configure the FAQ application, set up Google Dialogflow agents, program natural language intents and deploy the service. The application can be easily updated as new information or services become available.

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“Service organizations across every vertical have been impacted by COVID-19, and they are in need of solutions to support customers, employees and constituents looking for the latest information,” said Callan Schebella, Inference Solutions CEO. “Our AI-powered IVAs was designed to automate this type of support, and we are pleased to be able to help organizations respond to those relying on them for answers during this ongoing crisis.”