INEO Unveils New INEO Welcoming G.A.T.E. Product for Large Retail Customers

INEO Unveils New INEO Welcoming G.A.T.E. Product for Large Retail Customers

INEO Tech Corp. (TSXV: INEO) (OTCQB: INEOF) (the “Company” or “INEO“), the innovative developer of the INEO Media Network, a digital advertising and analytics solution for retailers, today unveiled the INEO Welcoming G.A.T.E., the Company’s next generation Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) pedestal designed to be a companion product within the patented INEO Welcoming System.

The INEO Welcoming G.A.T.E. works in tandem with the INEO Welcoming Pedestal to provide loss prevention capabilities, video capture of loss prevention alarm events, and delivery of robust traffic analytics data. The INEO Welcoming G.A.T.E. is currently installed in several retail locations across Canada and the US, including two initial locations in Florida and Maine owned by a large North American retail chain.

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“The INEO Welcoming G.A.T.E. was inspired by large retail customers who are currently trialing the INEO Welcoming System and only want one Welcoming Pedestal advertising screen yet require the loss prevention capabilities of two (EAS) systems,” said Kyle Hall, CEO of INEO. “We were able to address this need with our exceptional research and development team and internal manufacturing capabilities which allowed us to quickly move this product from initial inspiration to being installed in key retail locations.”

The new product can be manufactured in two versatile styles, a floor mounted pedestal or a wall mounted unit, allowing the store to pick the most optimal position. In addition, the INEO Welcoming G.A.T.E. can work as a standalone product but is at its most powerful when paired within The INEO Welcoming System.  A large retailer with multiple doors at its front entrance can pair one or two Welcoming Pedestal units with several Welcoming G.A.T.E. units to provide theft prevention coverage across the entire entrance of a retail location.

The INEO Welcoming G.A.T.E. utilizes technology INEO designed for the INEO Welcoming System which also allows it to operate in the popular Accusto-Magnetic (AM) 58KHz frequency spectrum. The INEO Welcoming System operates in both the 58KHz and the 8.2MHz frequency spectrum.

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