Indi Announces Strategic Partnership with TRX Training

Indi Announces Strategic Partnership with TRX Training

Indi, a leading innovator in digital commerce solutions for individuals and groups, announces its partnership with TRX®, the innovative fitness brand that created Suspension Training®, to power their ambassador program. This app-based program empowers       fitness professionals and enthusiasts to earn 15% commission on product and education sales.

As an industry mainstay, TRX is well known for their iconic black and yellow portable, bodyweight Suspension Trainer™. Additionally, they offer a wide variety of the world’s most effective and premium quality training equipment, app-based virtual training experiences, and world-class trainer education. With nearly 300,000 TRX certified trainers worldwide, the brand’s mission is to help everyone, at any fitness level, move better and more often— from anywhere.

The TRX Ambassador Program, powered by Indi, allows TRX to use the Indi app as a platform for      rewarding and empowering their loyal trainer community for helping spread the brand’s mission, products, and experiences across the globe.

Indi’s monetization app enables organizations, like TRX, to choose from multiple features, including monetization from other like-minded brands, self-curated storefronts, and easy content sharing across social media platforms. Fitness Professionals can now become TRX Ambassadors, free of charge.

“TRX and Indi focused on successfullyimplementing the customized Indi app as an extension of the TRX brand. By building strategic business-to-consumer functionality we are empowering TRX trainers and enthusiasts to share and monetize their expertise with clients, friends, and followers,” said Shikha Uberoi Bajpai, President of Indi.

“TRX Ambassadors will have their own virtual storefront, allowing them to showcase their capabilities through video content as TRX experts, promote products for purchase, and earn commissions from their tracked sales.”

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TRX can collect video content, enable commerce, help their trainer network, and increase organic traffic with this strategic Indi partnership.

“We wanted to enable trainers to leverage their personal networks and monetize their expertise via a digital platform, that’s a cohesive part of the TRX ecosystem,” said Brent Leffel, CEO of TRX. “The focus on digital empowerment became especially important for us during the pandemic, due to an increase in demand for amazing home-based training experiences.

The Indi partnership and app platform gives us exactly what we need —and we are already seeing it enhance organic marketing and generate sales while reaching customers truly passionate about what TRX offers. It’s a win-win for TRX, our trainers, and our consumers.”

The Indi platform is designed to increase customer and employee engagement and sales and gives TRX trainers more exposure, expands their organic consumer reach and allows them to make extra income doing what they love.

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