Incentivio Introduces Autonomous Upsell Recommendations Backed by Machine Learning

Incentivio Introduces Autonomous Upsell Recommendations Backed by Machine Learning

Incentivio, a restaurant technology company focused on enhancing the digital guest experience, today announced a transformative new machine learning tool for restaurants. Incentivio offers an all-in-one digital guest experience platform that combines online ordering, commission free delivery, native mobile apps, loyalty programs, and a suite of marketing tools.

The new machine learning based recommendations tool leverages all of the data collected across the platform to help restaurants autonomously increase their digital revenue and average check sizes.

“Simply by turning this feature on, we’ve seen a 4 percent increase in digital revenue driven autonomously through the upsells engine—we didn’t have to lift a finger to start seeing results,” says Justin Egan, CMO of Wing it On!

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The upsell algorithms powering this feature look at what guests have commonly purchased on a per store basis and what a guest already has in his/her cart to make smart upsell recommendations. It also accounts for seasonality, regional preferences, and requires no manual intervention from the operator.

“As a restaurant guest, if I like a certain item, I know I like it, and I’ll buy it; this has the potential to help people discover new menu items that they wouldn’t have tried or perfect pairings,” said Sash Dias, Incentivio’s Co-founder and COO. “For restaurants, what we’re delivering is outcomes – real revenue and real margin dollars.”

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