INCENTCO™ is offering employers the use of its engagement platform to reward employees for compliant behaviors associated with the coronavirus pandemic. “INCENTCO is waiving our typical licensing, setup and admin fees so employers can reward and keep their employees engaged throughout this crisis,” says Gerry Wiatrowski, Co-Founder. “Our technology can be a huge help because social and work-related desired behaviors can be rewarded on-line. Another benefit is that participants can redeem their rewards for food, household goods, supplies and millions of other products without leaving their homes, making social distancing less challenging,” says Wiatrowski.

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Employers will only be required to pay for the rewards they issue and will not have to sign any long-term commitments. Programs will be set up entirely by INCENTCO team members who will provide free consultative services for each employer. Once employee data is received, programs can be rolled out in 48 hours or less.

“Because our technology is a tool to help influence and reward desired behaviors, it can be a tremendous help given the current situation with coronavirus,” says Wiatrowski, “and offering the use of the platform for free is our way of helping employers around the globe.”

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