Improving customer trust is the top priority for AV professionals

Improving customer trust is the top priority for AV professionals

For nearly three quarters of AV professionals (70%) improving customer trust is the number one priority when selecting new collaboration and communication tech, beating other options such as increasing efficiency (69%) and increasing productivity (68%). That’s according to a newTrusted Connections 2023 study from AV solutions provider Kinly.

The research, which surveyed 150 AV professionals working across the UK’s banking, finance, healthcare, energy, and public sectors, also revealed that nearly half (44%) of AV professionals believe that the right communications technology will ‘make or break’ the customers’ experience.

For organisations working in ‘high trust’ sectors, ensuring positive, easy communications with internal and external stakeholders is crucial for maintaining trust. In fact, nearly half (41%) of those surveyed say that their choice of tech is a ‘vital part’ in securing customer trust, while 46% believe communications tech is also ‘vital’ for building employee trust.

Despite the understanding that communications technology plays a pivotal role for high-trust sector organisations, many are still concerned about the quality of their tech. Nearly three quarters (73%) of AV professionals believe their comms workflows still have ‘room for improvement’ when it comes to interoperability, while 64% feel their workflows could be more efficient.

Speaking about the new research, Kinly’s UK region Managing Director, Taj Ghere said: “All too often, businesses see AV as just about productivity and efficiency, but it’s so much more than that. The tools we use to communicate can seriously impact a customer’s long-term trust in an organisation. 

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“For ‘high trust’ sectors such as healthcare, law or banking — those dealing in sensitive and personal information workflows and AV technologies are an essential part of building and maintaining customer trust. Through our Trusted Connections research, we wanted to take a deep dive into these specific sectors, providing insights into their unique challenges and needs. For these industries it’s not enough to simply install your typical AV tech. Combined, bespoke and customised solutions are required.

“That’s why it’s so important for these sectors to work with specialist AV partners, who can guide them to the right mix of technology for better interoperability, improved efficiency and most importantly trust.”

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