New self-service data preparation tool gives marketing teams and data analysts clean, compliant and complete data from almost any source that everyone across the business can access

Improvado, the cloud-based marketing data aggregation system venture-backed by some of the biggest and most influential names in the marketing world*, is expanding its product offering with the launch of a new data extraction and preparation tool that quickly transforms data from almost any source to build data pipelines in just a matter of minutes**.

The automated data preparation process is a chain of data transformations which only needs to be set up once. Transform automates, monitors and maintains data pipelines by extracting and transforming data from almost any data source, which then passes into data warehouse or business intelligence destinations, where it can serve reports that power data insights.

The product has been developed to mitigate data discrepancies, data silos and requires no prior knowledge of code or SQL (Structured Query Language). ‘Ready to use recipes’ enable teams to build once and process from anywhere. These industry standard recipes can accelerate the speed at which data is made available to businesses, saving on costly engineering resources, which have traditionally been required for these complex types of data transformations.

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With more than 300 point-and-click functions, simple or complex data transformations, discovery or data science preparation can be performed anywhere, with zero engineering required, enabling businesses to quickly and easily build data pipelines within an intuitive spreadsheet-like user interface.

“Data comes in all shapes and sizes and even well-structured datasets often lack the proper formatting or appropriate level of aggregation required for the analysis at hand – meaning that marketing teams and data analysts spend too much time cleaning data instead of analyzing it for business insights,” said Roman Vinogradov, Head of Product for Improvado. “With our new Transform product, we take away all of the hassle and manual labour required to ensure all of your data is standardized before it hits your ecosystem. The data preparation tool provides a self-service, point-and-click tool to quickly identify errors and apply rules that you can easily reuse and share, even across massive data sets.”

The new product offers: multi-channel attribution analytics to streamline all touchpoints in the customer journey across sales, product and marketing to solve value attribution; marketing performance tracking to combine spend data with conversion analytics from web or mobile apps to understand how CPAs vary from channel to channel; and cross-channel analytics enabling users to instantly view spend and performance data across multiple channels.

Janel Laravie, CEO of marketing agency CHACKA, which has already been trialling Improvado’s new Transform product, said: “Transform is the next evolution in Improvado’s suite of products and a perfect example of why we have worked together for so many years. Improvado continues to innovate and drive business forward.”